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The first incubator dedicated to business immigrants in the Quebec ecosystem.

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Are you a business person wanting to immigrate in the Quebec province of Canada?


If you have an innovative business project, and would like to launch it in Montreal, a dedicated immigration program may be your best path


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We look at your project and study its feasibility in our ecosystem. If we see what you see, BridgeMTL sends a formal offer, essential to the Quebec Entrepreneur Program.


You come to Montreal and the BridgeMTL Incubator will provide all services required by the program and for your successful launch. Our services are detailed in full below.


You're in the family now. We work together and make sure that your business is a success. After all, if you succeed, we do to.

Encouraging ImmigrationThe Quebec Entrepreneurship Program

The Quebec Entrepreneur Program is an immigration program set by the Quebec Government to encourage immigration of entrepreneurs in Quebec. This programs is a road to residency for entrepreneurs intending to launch an innovative startup.

Learn more about the Quebec Entrepreneur Program

BridgeMTL Incubator

For immigration candidates selecting to start a new business in Quebec, the BridgeMTL Incubator not only helps you in the business launch, but in the important personal transition to a new country

Co-working space for business immigrants and local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, in the heart of the Old Port of Montreal.

Business coaching and counselling, guiding your business launch in Montreal. You will benefit from an experienced entrepreneur who will coach and follow-up to implement the business plan in the new environment.

Research, analysis and presentation to financial institutions for loans, and assistance for available grants and investments from institutional and private investors.

Classes on all general business topics, such as marketing, legal, accounting, taxes, etc., all applied to local business, to help with cultural and other practical differences from doing business in your country of origin.

Networking with trusted local ecosystem, from suppliers, professionals to potential clients – our team’s collective network is now our client’s.

Personal concierge services to help transition, personally and with a family. Services can include temporary accommodation, airport pick-up, administrative formalities, tour of neighbourhoods, schools or child cares, etc.

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